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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 25, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. they held unprecedented back-to-back appearance on national television. president obama and house speaker john boehner tonight clashed over the cause and cure for the nation debt crisis. as of less
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than a minute ago really the nation is exactly one week away from being unable to pay its bills if a deal is in the done. l details tonight on what was said from washington from from john henry. >>reporter: it was an appeal over republican head to the boss. american people. >> american people may have voted for divided government. but they didn't vote for a disfunctional government. so i'm asking you all to make your voice heard. if you want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit let your member of congress know. >> consequences of failing to raise the nation debt limit he when it runs out on august 2nd the president said would be catastrophic. >> interest rates would sky rocket on credit card. on mortgages. on car loans. which amount to a huge tax hike on the american people. >>reporter: he leveled blame. >> the only reason this balanced approach isn't on its way to becoming law right now is because a significant number of republican in congress are
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insisting on a different approach. cut only approach. >>reporter: leader of those republicans house speaker john boehner made it a show down. he gave no ground saying it is a president and democrat blocking a deal by revving to black the plan of house republicans. >> the sad truth is that the president wanted a blank check 6 ms ago. he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >>reporter: face off revealed stalemate with no apparent progress. democrat still want the nation debt ceiling raised through special and republican want short-term deal with no tax increases. apparently nowhere close to a deal and the clock is running out. this is abc news washington. tl all right we have posted both president and john boehner speeches on our web site. find them at abc 7 on the front page. >> partial shut down of the federal aviation administration has resulted in the layoffs of thousands of construction workers in california. that's because hundreds of airport construction projects in the
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state are now on hold. including 31 million dollar air traffic control tower at oakland international. upcoming taxi way project at the san jose airport. secretary of transportation utilities abc 7 news he's urging congress to pass a new funding bill. also fighting against airlines about raising fare to make up for the federal taxes they can no longer collect. >> i think it is not right for them to be charging people for the taxes that are not being collected. if they can't collect the tax, those charges should not be on an airline ticket. >>reporter: the funding plan impasse is over a 16 billion dollar cut in subsidy to rural communities republicans added to the bill. >> well a heart stopping story emerging from the wild of alaska. young victims of vicious grizzly bear attack now talking about being mauled. bay area teenager among them has just landed in the bay area this evening. 18-year-old victor martin and his team
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mates were taking part in a month long wilderness survival program for your ban youth. it was on saturday when they were attacked by a grizzly who was with her cubs. martin ankle and feet were bitten even after being attacked he helped save the lives of 2 other teenagers. very close call. instructors spent 3 weeks training the teenagers before letting them depend for themselves in the will dear nechltz during the program final week. that was when every skill the teenagers had learned was suddenly put to the test. fv we spoke with one young man who describes in greater detail exactly what happened in the in alaska. >> on the last leg of the adventure 17-year-old sam got and his fellow hikeers were walking down a shallow alaska stream and into the most dangerous situation of their lives fichlt person in front started screaming yelling bear. so we all turned around and ran the opposite direction. our first reaction was to turn around and run. >>reporter: but grizzly cover
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40 yards in seconds which 80's some experts say it is goats play dead if they attack. >> turned away. look behind me and there was a bear chasing me. it was like 5 feet behind me when i saw it and it took me down. >>reporter: bear razor sharp claw and teeth tore through his body breaking his ribs. suddenly he says he had a hard time breathing. the bear had punctured his lung. >> the jaw lake on my head and thinking i'm going to die. >>reporter: 4 of the 7 teenagers were malled. before the bear suddenly ran off. uninjured set up camp and activated emergency beacon alerting authorities. they used a garbage bag to bandage sam wounds and then had to wait nearly hours before rescue crews could save them all. >> i was thinking i'm going to die like i'm not going to live through this. >>reporter: sam parents live in denver and feared their son might not make it. >> i just really was had feared the worst. hearing his voice was like a miracle. that was
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it was just amazing. >> you survived something that most people wouldn't. >> yes. i know i kept thinking the entire night i can't believe i was attacked by a freaking bear like this never happens. what the hell? l. >> and survichltd ya. >>reporter: is he will take a break from camping for a bit before heading back into the wild. this is abc news anchorage, alaska. >> unbelievable. spokesperson tells 7 news there will be a thorough review of the alaska incident with the goal of managing risk while still achieving the education aim of that program. >> well, hope you are ready for some football. we are going to have a pro football season after all. lock out is over. nfl is back in business. pl larry is here to explain how the deal got done after all is saichltd it did get done and like you said a lot of people want to see the football player rep work through the weekend. looking over the contract that owners ratified last friday. players gave their approval in unanimous fashion today ending
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4 and a half months of bickering and posturing. kick off now straight ahead. best news obviously no regular season games were lost in the dispute. now the league has a 10 year contract l in place. there's no opting out by either side. highlights include a slightly better revenue split for owners than they had in past years but the players expect to make it up with a boost in revenue. there could be some gigantic burst in money earned in the few. rookie wage scale. also limitation on off season practice. everybody is thrilled to get the deal done. >> been a long time coming and football is back. great news for everybody. up to the last minute it required both of us coming together to take stock of what is important and get the job done. so i know that that's going to be our relationship going forward. >> so i believe you are going to see a very great nfl over the next decade and i hope we gave a little lesson to the people in washington because the debt crisis is a lot easier to fix than this deal was.
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thankt( you. >>reporter: if bob craft in dc. what happens now is frenzy. training camp open this week. teams begin signing free agent. all the business that has been on hold for months will take place over the course of the next few weeks. 49 ers head coach harbaugh said the 9ers were about to begin what he described as a scorched earth policy of coaching and teechlingt cramping tons of information into a very short period of time and typical of his personality harbaugh can not wait. >> first order of business is about start seeing our players. knee to knee and eyeball to eyeball with them and honestly that's the thing i'm most excited about. pl it's an equal libbey um there that will be good for me personally just to be back with those guys. >>reporter: frainers open training camp thursday. raiders open on wednesday. over the course of the past few months we focus almost exclusively on the owner of the
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players. so many more people that are affected by the nfl. all the vendors pizza delivery guys and they all know that they will be working on sun. one said pizza hut they do 15 to 20 percent more busy business. the thing about the pizza and beer and ancillary income that comes from nfl players. >> commit indicator. >> so it is great they will be mraichlingt all right larry see you later on in sports. thank you. >> 2 men accused in the brutal beating of giants fan brian stoe may have attacked other giants fans during the dodger home opener. that's according to the lapd tonight. beating suspect sanchez and norwood appeared in court this morning. arraignment was postponed after the attorneys asked for more time. and the case against these men apparently is growing. >> we believe that these 2 individuals may have assaulted other people at the stadium so we are hoping that anyone who has videotape or anyone who has any information about that especially anyone in giants
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attire please contact us. >>reporter: sanchez and norwood are locked up tonight on 500,000 dollar bail each while stoe continues to recover at san francisco general hospital. l if convicted in attacking him sanchez faces a maximum sentence of nine years in prison while norwood faces up to 8 years. l east palo alto has had 6 murder this year and that's after reducing the murder rate to 4 in all of last year. the police chief is now asking for the public help in identifying the gang members he believes are behind the latest wave of violence in his city. corrina has the story. >>reporter: spike in gang violence in east palo alto has once again put this community on edge. >> it puts at risk to all of us that are just walking around and driving around and employed in this community. >>reporter: the police chief held a news conference today saying 3 east palo alto gang members are likely responsible for a rampage of violence that spans 2 states. the crime spree includes 3 murders. two
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in east palo alto and one in grand junction colorado along with two armed robbery and one burglary. 20-year-old kristen is now in custody on a parole violation. police want the public help in finding 19-year-old if if and 2-year-old silva. >> as long as they are out there clearly we can see the kind of violence, kind of daniel they can do in a short period of time. so what we don't know is whether or not they are in palo alto or between here and colorado oyshtion many say the murder of three-month old baby isaac last month whose family was mistakenly targeted in a gang shooting broke a cody of silence on the streets. >> nobody wants to be a snitch but if somebody shot my baby and i saw it, i'm telling. >>reporter: the mayor says people are also coming forward because the tips are resulting in arrest. >> if you give them information that information will be acted upon quickly and some sort of aprehension or action because they are coming in and actually providing information.
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>>reporter: green says family just want to live in peace and now willing to work with police to make that happen. >> want to be able to walk around and enjoy life without fear. i think participating about to the better of the community. >>reporter: up take in violence is prompting him to increase parole over at least the next month. even cancelling some of the officer days off. in east palo alto, abc 7 news. >> more to bring enthusiastic mondayed. letter from the state. coming up. south bay cement plant receives ultimatu ultimatum. what it there's do to prevent 5 years from going down the drain. >> plus this man has gained a lot of knowledge about killer bees. in fact you could say he learned the hard way. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. get ready for a little taste of summer heat as part of my weather mean you coming up in summer heat as part of my weather mean you coming up in just a moment >> name brand for penny. big prescription savings just around the corner for a lot of patients. l.
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>> a lot of money on the line tonight for cupertino squarey. failure to comply with the law and last valuable cement contract. it's located in the foot hills west of cupertino. as david reports the issue is an expansion at the plant that was not approved. >> critic of the south west cement plant couldn't be happier. they held a rally to celebrate people power. letter issued by state office of mine reclamation says they haven't received government approval to expand the cupertino squarey.
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must do so within 30 days. >> i don't know if they can do it in 30 days since they haven't been able to do it in 6 years. i'm sure they will at some point come that compliance but what this notice does is put them on notice that they have to take this seriously to santa clara county working with them for 5 years after the county issued a violation notice. county planning department doesn't see how it and lehigh could comply with the state order. the county issued a statement that the revised plan will be technically complex and can not be environmentally analyzed and legally processed within 30 days. stake are high for lehigh if it fails to comply will be taken off a list of company eligible to supply contract for government projects. that's about half of its business. lae high executives maintain the company has been working with county officials on a revised operating plan. >> we are in compliance with the law and we have been working diligently with the county, the lead agency in the entire county planning
9:17 pm
department we have been working with them and to their satisfaction. >>reporter: state crack down doesn't convince cupertino council member chang a quarry critic that lehigh will meet the deadline. >> they have been so arrogant. out of compliance for more than 10 years. they have 10 year to comply and they choose not to. >> one big question remains what happens to the 1 fwi 53 employees if the company is taken off the approved list. we didn't know the answer to that. obviously the company lawyers are looking into all the options. in cupertino, david, 7 news. >> inside job. that's the word about the biggest high tech heist in the bay area history. according to the san jose mercury news 2 of the nine men arrested for stealing 37 million dollars worth offá computer chips last february actually worked for this company. next day 2 suspect showed up at work at the fremont company as if nothing had happened. they along with 7 other suspects will be in court wednesday to face charge charges. more arrest expected
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in the case. about state lab has confirmed that modest to man attacked by a swarm of bees while walking his dogs t.these were no ordinary honey bees. these were killer bees. remember all the worry about those a few years ago. they have never seen this far north until now. george warren explains why the sudden appearance in stanislaus county is so frightening. >> still see the pipe. this is 3 weeks later still see the bite. >> jack mcbride thinks he suffered 60 bee swing in the t-shirt before he ran to the safety of nearby house. it happened july 5th when about martin one of the 3 dog upset a colony of african honey bee while out on a walk. >> they were all around my headment swarmed around my head. sishling the me an virtually blinded me with so many of them. they were going in my nose, mouth, ears. just all over me. just swarming all over me. i was just trying to cover up. i dwrited my teeth not in my mouth i was spitting
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them out. >> leak right now hishtion he took us to the field where it happened. about. >> these are flies i hope. >>reporter: they were not flies. they were bees. attracted to the sun flower. >> presence of bee out here today scares me because they didn't get them all. they know that. they had a swarm up in the tree and brought out a crane to try to get up there and get them but they dissipated and they moved off. so they are still they are still out here. >>reporter: so through the magic of the zoom lens we'll show you the yard where an exterminator destroyed 4 hives of african bees. >> yes i'm not coming back in this area again. >>reporter: as the first killer bee victim this far north, jack mcbride has he ever reason to be a bit gun shy. >> that's the bad news they are spreading further north now. >>reporter: in modest to, george warren abc 7 news. >> now until this attack african bee had not been seen
9:20 pm
north of madera county. expert at uc davis believes the bee were his part of commercial colony brought in to pollinate crops and somehow individual bee escaped before the rest went home n.any case he says any straggler should die off in a few weeks without their quee queen. which is good news spencer is here. remember 20 something years ago all the talk about the bees coming. >> big concern about it. >> right. never really materialize in a big way but clearly a problem. >> in this case. right. i hope you have goten the week off to a good start because the weather looks like. >> even warmer as we go out. assume nicer and later into the week. here's a live view from the high definition mountain tam camera down on to the bay. skies mainly clear. there has been a little coastal fog but he hasn't developed much in the early evening hours but expected to redevelop during the overnight hours. this afternoon as close-up satellite image shows you can see the fog low clouds peeling away from the coast and difficult mirning to just a little patch as of couple hours ago. high
9:21 pm
pressure today climb up into the upper 80's inland location like antioch mid 80's concord upper 80's clover dale and see in the yellow positive numbers how much warmer it was today and those locations than yesterday but look at the negative blue numbers here showing how much cooler it was in locations close to the coast and bay and down into the south bay so most of the warming was up in north bay and some parts of the inland east bay. many location also golden gate south was cooler than yesterday. right now we have temperatures the mainly in the 50's and low 60's around the bay although 67 at redwood city would be the mild spot around the bay even the inland area right now mainly only in the 60's i should say antioch with reading of 79 degrees. these are the highlights low clouds and fog redevelop locally inland tonight. little change tomorrow from the pattern we saw today but much warmer weather is going to develop later in the week and continue right on through the weekend. overnight tonight as we see some more of the low clouds and fog pushing locally inland low
9:22 pm
temperature will drop into rather narrow range mainly mid 50's about 54 to 56 for most of the bay area. satellite image water vapor satellite image shows a little trough in the jet stream that brought a little bit of cooling today. lifting and pulling out of our area as it sdos that will allow for more warming over the next day or 2 then more dramatic warming comes toward the end of the week. forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point we see some low clouds and fog around and pull back to the coast and away from the coast north of the golden gate and left with a pattern much like today. high near the coast right around 60 degrees. maybe a little bit above 50. mainly 60's around the bay. 70's to 80's in the inland areas. let's close in on the south bay where skies sunny by afternoon for sure. high pressure ranging from mid upper 70's. 75 at santa clara a.78 saratoga on the planes 70 degrees at san mateo o. 73 menlo park and redwood city and the coast 59 the high.
9:23 pm
downtown san francisco 65 degrees. 61 in sunset distric district. north bay high 83 at clover dale. 81 can't rose. 78 at nap a.nearest bay high will be mainly in the upper 60's to low 70's. 73 at fremont. 71 union city. inland east baylow to mid 80's although brentwood will approach upper 80's and monterey bay look for mainly 60's near the bay and mid 70's mid 80's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast lack at the warm-up beginning on friday. low 90's inland to mid 90's inland. friday through the weekend and into monday around the bay that 4 day period we see high in the low 80's and on the coast mid 60's. so quite a warm-up and be sustained for several days not just 1 or 2 day warm-up. >> protracted. >> protracted period of time. also extended one. >> thanks spencer. >> hacker hit again. cyberattack called t job. >> lights go out on the big screen. 2 neighborhood >> lights go out on the big screen. 2 neighborhood theaters sm hollywood star
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is. >> a week after the photo were published on line. the apple stores some of them apparently fake apple product. they run the last reel of film. wubt legendary in the haight screens the final film tonight. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez takes you to last picture shoychlt a lot a lot of people came back to the haight to see the movies. >>reporter: today is the mavie theater 31st birthday. and it
9:27 pm
is closing night. the haight just won't seem the same when the sign is taken down. run by a collective featured eclectic mix of program. >> i think our favorite thing now is to have present mir and have director come and have events. >>reporter: dan glover was a regular choosing one of the 143 seat ins a theater that has been hit by technology. stree streeping video has taken a box office toll. >> if you don't have a sustained customer base like we used to have pull can't keep it going with donations and benefits. >>reporter: 2 males to the west balboa theater been around since 19 26. it play first run and repertoire program. gary myers running balboa since 2001 but he says economic are make it tough to keep it going. >> i'm worried that neighborhood theater, second run theater, small town theater are all going to have very difficult time surviving. >>reporter: he's also co-director of the telluride film festival that takes most
9:28 pm
of his time. he's looking at 200,000 dollar if conversion to digital because film is going away. >> i need to rethink. >>reporter: he plans to exit balboa next month but says it's important that someone can keep this neighborhood theater goin going. unlike this where the final curtain is dropping with harold and maud. traditional birthday film. screen goes cashing here still will be people in the lobby. restaurant next door is taking it over but the red vick will be just a memory. >> i have to say there's a lot of sad necessity. a lot of sadness. >>reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> when we continue tonight. hotel made at the center of the sexual assault case against the former imf chief. breaks her silence. >> i want juchltz i want him to good to jail. >> pleading not to let the powerful go free she painstakingly recounts what she claims happened to her.
9:29 pm
>> big solar project and i'm in sacramento. but at odds with environmentalist who want to protect an undaeng erred tortoise. >> also tonight. hero emerges from the terror attack in norway. you are going to hear from the man who tried to the lead dozens of teenagers to safety. another half hour of news begins here in just a safety. another half hour of news begins here in just a moment
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>> thanks for joining us. the suspect in friday bombing and shooting spree in norway today admitted carrying out the deadly rampage but pleaded not guilty during the first court appearance p.the man entered the plea saying that he did it to save europe from muslim
9:32 pm
immigration. 32-year-old man told the judge he expects to spend the rest of his life in prison. he also claimed there were 2. the father issued a statement saying she's ashamed and disgusted by his son's achblingts he severed all contact with his son 16 years ago. mean time norwegian observed a moment of silence nationwide for the 76 victims. police have reduced the death toll from 93 lowering the number of people killed at the youth camp from 86 to 68 now. still horrific of course. today survivors reveal new details of their ordeal and the split second decision to try to save lives. miguel is in oslo. >> christopher was working on the island when the shooting began. he didn't believe it was real until he saw 3 girls gunned down. >> they just fell to the ground lifeless. >>reporter: he ran into the woods. everywhere hid panic stricken. some barricade
9:33 pm
himself in cabin. outside the 24-year-old found himself in charge of 35 teenager campers. >> that was when i just had to take some kind of decision and had all the kid take their clothes off and jump that the water. >>reporter: some of the kid were too afraid to panic the swim. tv helicopters captured the desperate scene as he and 24 others tried to make their way to shore. they got 100 yards out into the ice water he looked back. >> i saw police officers come out, came out of the woods and i thought for a second that we were safe. but that's when i saw his rifle and he pointed it at the kids who were at the shore. kid that were too afraid to swim. about and then he about skawted them. pl
9:34 pm
while they were begging for their live. >> this picture may capture that very moment. and there's him standing on the shore murdering children at point blank range. >> this will change our country forever without a doubt. >> tonight officials are pouring over this 1500 page manifest that he wrote and quoted heavily not only from america union bomber but american blogers like robert expense whore shares suspicion of islam. tonight he's joining fellow norwegian pouring out their heart on to city streets. massive vigil and powerful message. hate may have triggered the tragedy but love and hope will end it. miguel, abc news, oslo. >> puss official responsible for defending government network against cyberattack has quit. the department of homeland security is not commenting about randy vicker departure but resignation
9:35 pm
follows several high profile hacker attack against the pentagon, cia and u.s. senate by such group as anonymous and low security. mane while hacker link to those groups have breached the government agency responsible for protecting computer network in italy. the attack is thought to be in retaliation for the arrest of italian member and it spread far and wide. documents include information about italy relations with many government including the united states, australia, egypt, russia and ukraine. hacker started pos posting the documents on line now. italy police unit admits it has been hacked but not confirm that go any information had been stolen. >> the woman who accused the former head of the international monetary fund of sexual assault is giving her side of the story for the very first time. it is certainly an unusual move and could turn the entire case upside down. prosecutors in new york are still deciding whether to proceed. story tonight from
9:36 pm
abc scott golden. >> in exclusive interview with abc news and newsweek magazine the hotel made who accused dominic strauss kap of sexually assaulting her is speaking publicly. >> i'm so sorry i turn my head. he kilometer to me and grab my breast. no. you don't have to be sorry. i said i said stop i don't want to lose my job. >>reporter: 32-year-old woman said she didn't expect to see strauss kahn when she went to clean his room at the note new york city. his lawyers say what happened there was consensual. but the immigrant and single mother he was considered favorite to be the next president of france forced hero to perform oral sex. >> i want him to go. i want him to know you can in the use your power when do you something like this. i weren't him to go to jail. >>reporter: his attorneys call this interview an unseemly
9:37 pm
circus. effort to resurrect the case that is petering because prosecutors now question her credibility. >> him if this is very con financing when she's talking about at the time aspect of her past it seems a little vague. >>reporter: one is to save her reputation. >> god as my witty am telling the truth. from my heart. >>reporter: his lawyers accuse her of being out for money and say she's worried about not getting any money if the criminal charges are dropped. her lawyer says he plans to file a civil lawsuit as well. this is abc news, new york. today governor brown signed into law the california dream act. bill makes undocumented students eligible for privately funded scholarship if they attend at least three years of high school in the state. more controversial version that let the students 8 apply for publicly funded scholarship stale being debate entered the
9:38 pm
state legislature. the president affirm his support for the federal dream act that give legal immigrants stat to us undocumented students. opponent of clean energy are at odds with environmentalist in a solar dispute. at issue is project backed by governor brown in the mohave desert also home to the endangered desert tortoise. the fight that has now reached federal court. capitol correspondent annette has the story. >> at conference in los angeles governor jerry brown vowed to crush effort to belong rene renewable energy project in california helping them overcome permitting and environmental challenges. he sign add law early this year mandating that the state get 33 percent of its energy from alternative sources by 2020 including solar energy. >> the sun in california is lake the oil in texas. it's fabulous wealth waiting to be developed and those who would resist that have to offer a pretty tarn good argument for
9:39 pm
me to give up on solar energy. >>reporter: putting money where his mouth is the governor filed a brief with the federal court asking the judge to deny a request by an environmental group to stop a solar thermal power project in the mohave desert. bright source energy wants to put up 3 47,000 mirror around 3 power towers. western shed project says it will harm the endangered desert tortoise whose habitat will be destroye destroyed. defender of wild life degree. population is already declining. >> we don't really know actually when you clear 10 square mile of desert how it respond in 30 to 50 years. likely it's probably not going to go back to the way it used to be an species that were there the tortoise and whatever probably won't go back. >>reporter: the solar project is one example of how activist 0get green project off the ground. delay often mean thousands of jobs are on hold. >> we can have clean energy and preserve the environment but
9:40 pm
it's important to get those ground rules set out. work through the proper permit and do it quickly. we can't afford in this economy to have plans held up for years and years. >> better places and worse places and we are training to incentive the company to good to the better places. >>reporter: both side see more ballots like this. solar power is now more competitive price wise but there will be a push to put up more installations n.sacramento, abc 7 news. wrong tuvrnlt as we continue tonight the growing concern about 2 way ward whales in northern california and is what being done to right the course. >> plus women often drink cranberry just to fight infection. up and down side to using cranberry instead of antibiotics. >> also tonight. man who woke up in a morgue. stay with
9:41 pm
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>> not just any refrigerator but one in a morgue. one day after his family believed he had died from an asthma attack, they heard him screaming from the area. they initially ran away completely spooked but they returned. he kept screaming. check things out. man was examined. he is okay. not dead. >> several major prescription drug about his to become cheap.
9:44 pm
7 of the world 20 best selling drugjfs available in generic version in a matter of months now because the brand name patent are about to expire. they include cholesterol fighter liptor and blood thinner mrav ix. generic drug cost less than the brand name counter part. that means li liptor that usually retails for 150 dollars a month likely go for 20 dollars as a generic. >> another medical tough. you may have heard that cranberry products are useful for women fighting infection. now a new study puts those berry to the test. here's dr. timothy john soychbility half of all women report a uti about at least once in their lives. cranberry and those products long used to prevent uti in women who have recurrent infection. but how do they compare with the other standard treatment? low dose antibiotics? if study reported in the archives of internal medicine the author treated 2 21 women
9:45 pm
over a one year period with either cranberry capsules or a low dose antibiotics. antibiotics group had an average of 1.8 uti reoccurrences compared to 4 reoccurrences from those on the cranberry treatment but the antibiotics also increased the rate of antibiotics resistance in the bacteria that caused the infection. so the study concludes that cranberry may be a useful alternative to long-term antibiotics use even though they are less effective. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. about hot dog eating and everything these days but this one is good for the planet. >> ready. set. the go. >> and they are off. coming u up. glass. garbage or biodegradable. best recycler up. glass. garbage or biodegrada[ man ] i gotcycler this new citi thankyou card
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>> break news from the east ba bay. gunmen opened fire on east bay regional police officer in the hills. he was not hit and returned fire. police along with the sheriff's department are searching for the gunmen. they had to extract the officer who came under fire. park police say
9:49 pm
the region has had a problem with marijuana growing operations. not clear if the gunmen are involved in a drug operation. may well be the suspicion. search ongoing we have the latest in a leif update on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. scientist are concerned about 2 gray whales. they wandered up the clam after river a month ago. mother and calf took a detour 3 miles into the area in late june. 2 on the northward journey from the baja breeding grounds. scientist say they should be feeding in alaska by now. the noaa pl said scientist hope they fine their own way out but concerned grew after several weeks that the mother was not getting enough food. so this weekend scientist and volunteers used power boats and kayak to try to successfully drive the calf calf downstream and to the ocean. but the mother remains in the river. >> back up date the forecast one last time. spencer is here
9:50 pm
with a little bit of a forecas forecast. >> looking good and warm. look pretty good this afternoon from our high definition east bay camera. time lapse view looking west ward towards the golden gate. marine layer and it didn't develop much this afternoon. diminished a bit this afternoon. expected to rae develop overnight. satellite image shows fog lifting out and moves away from us. start to get a bit of a warm-up that certainly is evidence in our accu-weather 7 day forecast. before we get there look state wide numbers tomorrow. 44 40's no. 87 sacramento 1 0knife palm springs. warm-up a little bit inland tomorrow and see low to mid 80's and as we look ahead for the next 7 days we can expect 90's low to mid 90's inland for friday through monday around the bay high in the low 80's and on the coast mid upper 60's. nice little warm-up. haet just a nice pleasant warm-up. >> thanks spencer very much. >> here's a competition with green twist. who is the east
9:51 pm
bay top recycler? these 3 alameda county resident competed for the title this morning to. win they had to pick through garbage and sort out the recycling all against the clock and against each other. pl best job of rae cycling at home was chosen. >> we have people going out on the street. randomly selecting the cart to identify who was doing a great job and who was going to come down hear for grand prize. >> when you see little garbage actually have it is kind of its own reward. take the garbage can out. this is great one can of garbage. >> yes co-winner miss lee from hayward only produces one bag of actual garbage every two two weeks. she and livermore kristen tinsel each won the 500 dollar top prize. good for them. >> larry here is and nfl not reached a deal we would have been watching cycling. >> right. i was thinking the there is some reality tv producer who is looking that the going pl there's a show there i believe there is. lock
9:52 pm
out. it's over. alex got the news it was over from our own mike today. how soon will alex resign with the 49 ers? that plus one very excited head resign with the 49 ers? that plus one very excited head coach. sports turn left.
9:53 pm
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>> coming up at 11:00. bay area man back home and the harrowing story about a mother griz el. >> on notice. the plan to close thousands of post offices the stories and more coming up in one hour on 7 news at 11:00.
9:55 pm
>> channel 7. but larry is hear. we are ready for some football. amazing. >> nnfl is open. great news. now that the lock out is over the real work actually begins and it is going to begin quickly. 49 ers they have a new head coach who doesn't know his players. mike has more on jim harbaugh and players who have been waiting itching to get back to work. >> myself, players, our coaches. i think we are all sitting on a spring. we are ready to go. the door is open tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. here at the forty-niner facility for players in the niner field of dreams ready for practice. >> can't tell you how good it is going to be to have those guys in the building. face-to-face. knee to knee. smelling their breath. just getting to know them the. let them get to know me. that's what i'm looking most forward to. unrestricted free agent quarterback smith has been coordinating minicamp san jose state the past few most. coach harbaugh thinks it could be an advantage for him as they nut a new offense. >> i was excited to see what
9:56 pm
was going on. pl that the players were taking the initiative and pl organizing work oulingts and practice and hopefully that goes well for us and everybody that participates in the work out. >>reporter: how important has these workouts been for you gu guys especially putting in a new offense with the 49 ers. >> new offense a lot of unknow unknown. difficult but i think they have done a grit job especially on that side of the ball. working our tail off. putting in the time. i think it will pay off a little bit when camp starts. >>reporter: all the talk is you will be back with the 49 ers. other teams i know they are interested. do you have a preference. >> about you know yes i think i do. my mind is made up. made up for a long time. so just can't wait to make it official. >> mike reporting. first day smith can rae sign with the 49 ers is friday and as you can
9:57 pm
tell by that interview foregone conclusion he's back. raiders open camp on wednesday. in napa for that and we'll be talking football instead of injunctions and labor which is a nice treat. expecting of which giants nasty treat they spent the day at the white house. president traditionally honest the world champion in major sports. mr. obama shook hands with mr. mays. autograph jersey from manager bruce. cane offering a bat signed by the entire team. happy to report closer wilson wore a normal men suit. an was recognized by mr. obama. [applause]. >> few years ago i inserrated willie to ride with me on air force one on the way to the all star game in st. louis. it was an extraordinary trip. very rarely when i'm on air force one am i the second most important guy on there. everybody was just passing me by can i get you to sign mr. mr. mays. what's going on?
9:58 pm
and then there's the guy with the beard. where is he? [applause] pi could fear him. about now unneevt brian's beard and the spandex tuxedo and the sea captain costume and the cleats with the face on them, is also one of the dominant close interbaseball. and. [applause] and a lot of good stuff there. look at sparky. watch the baseball. not happy with the rays in the 1st innin inning. bends of. deep to right. hard to see in the sun that was gone. 1 nothing tampa bay. next thing pennington turns on a fast ball. and that is out. a's ahead 2-1. the struggle with location. all nature long. the no strike out. 4 walk. 2 homeers
9:59 pm
allowed. this is kelly in the sixth who came in he was hitting under 200. 5-3 rays now. they are in the 7th inning. glad to see the spandex tuxedo did not make it into the white house. >> the not make an appearance. >> good to go with this. >> traditional suit. >> just for today. in phillies tomorrow wear whawvr want but with the president. go protocol. >> very quickly. we will not have the situation with the nfl for another 10 years right. >> decade. >> on either side it's done. >> opt out there was a while maybe opt out at after 5 or 7. locked in for 10 years. we see franchises in the nfl maybe 2 of them. a lot of stuff will change and grow. >> we have 10 years of footbal football. thanks larry that's this edition of 7 news for larry and spencer i'm dan ashley thanks for watching. we appreciate your time as always and hope to see you again in an hour


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